Bill & Lynn Schaefer

Dale & Heather Brown

“What can brown do for you”

Wilmer and Josie Erfling
Member since 1999 (Charter Member)
The Erflings have a great collection of cars in their stable. They own several first generation Thunderbirds and Mustangs along with various other cars. They have been a member of the River City Cruuisers since its inception and have held several officer positions in the club over the years.

Member's Rides

Hermann, MO

Since 1999

Chad & Charlotte Struttman

Long Time Member

James Bond
Member since 2010
The 63 Chevy Impala SS was a frame off. Except for the transmission, it is exactly like one Jim bought new when they came out in October 1962. The 69 Camaro is a plain Jane model purchased for his son to drive to high school. It was painted Dodge Plum Crazy Purple back then. When he left for college in 1993 Jim kept the car and has since had it painted plus some other work. It is a 350 with a 4 speed. Jim is installing the console with gauges, but has been real slow in getting it back on the road. He says, "Hope I can drive it this year".  Of course, he says that every year!

Doug and Kathy Schwartz

Long time members

Terry Rehma  Sponsor of the Car-Show-in-the-Park annual Scavenger Hunt for students

Robbie Schwartz

Long time member

Jessie & Amy Geltz

Mark & Barb Elmore

Ned has owned this car since it was
new in '69.  Now don't you wish you had kept a few of your earlier cars?

Jim & Geralyn Gloe

Randy is working on another Chevelle

that he owned years ago and bought

it back recently.

Smith & Smith Delivery... Get It?

Pam Cottam

Norbert & Susie Hortsmann

Long time members

Dennis Stallings

Tom Geer & Rose Mary Thomas

Long time member

Kevin & Janet Witthaus

Chevy, New Baby 2018

Hey Nick, how'd ya get a hole in your hood?

Doug and Debbi Smith

Member since 2005
Doug and Debbi are currently the club President and 1st Lady!

You can view the magazine article here.

The newest baby!

Larry & Bernadine Oetterer

Dustin Kallmeyer

Long time club sponsor

Dean & Janet Rodgers

Placeholder until we get photo

Brian & Amy Grannemann

Long time club sponsor

Ned Danuser

Long time member

Ken & Laura Hocke

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Paul & Ginger Eubanks

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Dave Fierce

Member since 2010

Dale & Marsha Gloe

River City Cruisers' Water Rescue

(in case we get drunk & fall in)

Dale & Karen Straatmann

Lloyd Crabtree

Long time member

Doug Cox

Long time member, past club president

 (Charter Member)

Jim & Kathy Hoefelmann

The new baby.  72 Chevelle.  All it needs is engine, trans, dash, interior, tires, dent removal, repaint 1 fender.  Dale will have it running in no time!

Greg Finazzo

David Groner

Long timer member

Gerald & Mary Korman

Long time member

Randy and Susie Frye

Long time members

Larry Kallmeyer

Long time club sponsor

Sam Voss

Harold & Geralyn Gloe

Frosty & Jenny Buesking

Long time members

(YES, that is his real name!)

Don Epple & Rita Overkamp

Long time members

Placeholder until we get photo

Dave Roodhouse
Member since 1999 (Charter Member)
Over the past several years, Dave has been working on his '57 Chevy Nomad. He recently found a boat to go along with his Nomad and they were both featured in a national magazine publication. Click on the images below to read and see his Nomad in the magazine.

Nick & Kim Godat

Long time member

Garnett Garrett

Long time member

Tom needs help picking a paint color for the 39 Ford!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Larry, Rebecca and Kegan Hagedorn
Member since 1999, past club president, (Charter Member)
Larry and Becky have been members since the very early days of the River City Cruisers. Together, they own Hagedorn Collision Repair and Hagedorn Signs and Designs.  Their son Kegan attended the School of Automotive Mechanics (SAM) in Houston TX. and now rebuilds engines in the new machine shop addition at Hagedorn Collision Repair. Larry can't wait to see how well Kegan can get his drag cars going faster.
Here is a look at their stable of cars.

 66 Chevy II
67 RS Camaro
68 SS Chevelle
70 Monte Carlo
86 IROC Street Car(Kegan's)
86 IROC Pro Street
2002 Dragster

John and Lynn Mead
Member since 2002