Hermann, MO

Since 1999

Gilbert Thomas
Walt Gaertner
Oscar Rector
Harvey Cramer

Hall of Fame

Henry Groner
Gene Haefner
Louis Winkelmann 
Wilmer and Josie Erfling

Below are individuals who were inducted into the River City Cruisers Hall of Fame:

In 2006 the car club created a Hall of Fame to honor any local individual that made a positive impact in the local automotive community.

The guidelines for nominating someone for the Hall of Fame were announced by Doug Smith. These guidelines are:

1. Nominated person must be at least 60 years of age or deceased.
2. Nominations must be made by June 1st each year.
3. Nominations must be written and can be submitted by any paid member.
4. Written nominations will be displayed at cruise nights and meeting nights and each paid member will receive a voting ballot. (if there or 2 nominations, each paid member will receive 2 voting ballots)

The written nomination cannot contain only an individual's name. It must include a brief history of the person, their accomplishments to your knowledge and why you think they should be in the Hall of Fame.

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